Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I hated time for clicking so freaking fast.
In 11 hours time , I've to wake up for preparation to report for work @ JP.
I didn't feel any excitement for that.

The thought of the location irk the shit out of me.
It seriously triggered off all my emotions , fcuken pissed off _|_
I was super reluctant to do that seriously ;//

Well , better to accept it instead of doing some immoral acts.
Seriously , It's really for my friend's sake.

Forget it , gotta turn in real soon.

Jon told me he was unable to use the phone until this Friday when he reached home.
Cos his phone battery level is low already.



Yikes , I fcuking hated this stupid feeling! Luckily it only lasted for about 3 days.
Jon has enlisted to NS this morning , felt rather upset but well , 
I feel better when i heard their personnel announces their first book out date!
Today enlisted , this coming Friday book out.

Though it's just 3 days , but i still miss him...
I think i'm too used to have him 24/7 by my side.

BUT THAT FCUKER , really sucked big time.
Just received a call from him & throughout the conversation really irk the shit out of me.
Not gonna explain what happened cause it's fcuking shitty.
BUT , i hated him for doing that , always..
HEY , i waited an afternoon & that is what i've gotten from you.
Yah yah yah , stop your crap please , Allow me to have a peaceful mind can?
Never mind , don't ever get me to adapt to some changes.

My mind is already in a whirl for days.
You ain't understanding at all , i wouldn't blame you for that.
But , do you know i've got some family problems right now? &
Have you ever noticed that ever since you shifted in?
Seriously , forget it , i'm lazy to explain.
&I'm not going to talk bout you , fcuker.

Don't get mad when a girl cares too much. Worry when they start to not give a fuck.
- How true.

Ya , I'm not working for Lancaster anymore , &I've found another job.


This society is full of crap seriously.
I really hated & i don't wished to go any further on , Everybody's brains screwed up , guys all likewise.

If i really could , I'd like to turn back time , muster all my courage & just fcuking jump down.
I shouldn't have fcuking give myself another chance.
If ever there's another chance , please everyone take care. 
Fcuk this , fcuk everything. Call me foolish or whatever , I'm really through w/ these.